Bleeding 2 days after losing virginity

Today I've gotten dark brown almost black clumps coming out of my down there area and they are gooey and weird. After my period goes off the bumps only itch for a little bit then I am back to normal. But there is no smell at all Just one side is swollen to twice its normal size. Maybe I was relaxed, I don't know, I never felt any type of pain and I never saw the blood so I think that you should go to your doctor and let him determine why you are bleeding for days. Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. It itches there sometimes. Joy. Age: 23. I offer so many things in a very private safe and secure location that I have created ! Sammie. Age: 18. I am a girl who striding confidently towards happiness and success

After intercourse or sex play, vaginal bleeding for days... Normal?

The only way to know if you are pregnant for sure is to take a test. Please check a home pregnancy test to be sure. It's been about two days. Hymen is in know way connected to virginity. Another issue comes to mind. It was after the second time I had sex first was on the 3rd, second was on the 11th. If the opening is small, that means you will not be able to have sex unless having a minor surgery to remove part of the hymen. Courttney over a year ago. What causes bleeding after losing your virginity? That is a really good question. Most people believe that bleeding is a good indicator of a woman's virginity.

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Bleeding Following First Time Sex: What's It Like? - EnkiVeryWell

Therefore, in the average 28 day cycle, the egg is produced around day When the hymen tears, it does not necessarily tear all at once. You can get pregnant while on birth control, it only reduces the risks, the same as condoms Yesterday, I was all worried that it was implantation bleeding, but the people at PP told me it was too early to tell. All women ovulate at different times of the month.

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