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The Chinese Materia Medica tells that it is sweet or salty in flavor and warm in properties. Velvet antler is not a panacea or cure-all, but it can definitely improve the quality of life for animals in a safe and affordable manner. And the result will be much better if taking fermented extract liquid of lactobacillus and antler. The use of velvet antler by Koreans during winter months led researchers to believe it could strengthen the immune system. Avery Publishing Group 8. Kenna. Age: 22. Hi guys Lindsay. Age: 20. Erika is an exclusive escort

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It is just like the fresh leaves at the tip of a growing plant. The red deer originally ranged from Europe to Asia, and it has been introduced into New Zealand, Australia, Chile, and Argentina for the purpose of deer farming to produce antler. Rural Roundup Newsletter Our best stories in your inbox? They also help proliferate chondrocytes in cartilaginous tissue. Developed by Vivid Image. Value adding deer products ABC News. This means inquiring about family life, work, school, and any other stressors that may be negatively impacting your health. Any preparation that is not naturally occurring is banned. Self-Published, Fisher, B. Many believe velvet from elk pictured, a stag in Colorado and deer antlers have medical benefits. Researchers are now studying how these apparent effects occur. So how many nanograms are in each dose of dear antler velvet? Although the most well-documented ancient uses come from China and the Far East, other cultures from Northern Europe and Northern Asia to North American and ancient Rome have also benefited from the use of antler as a tonic and for treatment of a variety of medical conditions, including:.

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It is a Yang tonic that helps restore sexual vigor and performance for decreased sexual function associated with aging. The sika deer mainly lives in open woodlands and is typically a chestnut red to yellowish brown with white spots on the sides and a dark stripe extending from neck to tail. Ancient methods did not involve the use of analgesia, but more modern techniques have incorporated the subcutaneous infiltration of lidocaine in a ring block at the base of the antler pedicle. Historical Use of Velvet Antler In traditional Chinese medicine the importance of advancement of good health and the prevention of ill health is in direct disagreement with western medical practice, which is more impressed with the treatment of ill health Fulder a. Working in the absence of modern medicine, the remedies were used for people with fatal diseases who would die if not cured, and who might be worsened by some of the therapies for example, raw aconite could be quite toxic if not cooked properly in making a tea. Both the Russians who had been farming deer antler since the s and the Chinese started subjecting deer antler to analysis by scientific methods, though those methods were relatively crude.

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